Have you cottoned on…

So tonight this happened! ūüôÄ I must say its pretty exciting to be featured on the Cotton On Kid’s Instagram page!  This gorgeous jumpsuit and the Indi felt fedora only set me back $20 in the recent sales! You’ve got one more day of the sale, so if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the cotton on sales for some amazing cute and cheap pieces for your own tribe. ‚ėļÔłŹ 

*this post is in no way endorsed by Cotton On we’re just big fans of their super cute threads. 

Free toys!!

Christmas was quite strange for us this year, I’ve just started back at work part time, but the Christmas rush had me clocking over 40 hours a week. Normally I’m really organised for Christmas. I decorate early, presents sit wrapped beneath the tree for weeks, and I ooze Xmas spirit. This year I had many ideas on things I could post here, decoration DIYs, homemade gifts, my sleek new colour scheme, However it all got away from me and some traditions were completely forgotten.

One of those traditions is the way we shop for our daughter. Traditionally she receives one large gift from us, and a few coveted pieces from Santa. Previously we bought a swing set, one year it was the bike, this year however there was no time to find a big item that she wanted, needed, or would fit in our house or yard. As a result…. she got SPOILT. Between us, Santa and her grandparents there was not a single thing she had mentioned in the past 6 months that she didn’t receive. No exaggeration. Not 1, but FIVE Monster High dolls, numerous Lego sets, the Barbie car, a Barbie head, all of the latest fads like Kinetic Sand, Doh Vinci, the hard to find Marker Maker. Glitzi Globes, Bingles, Spirograph. I could keep going, but I think you get the point.

However not two weeks later, it’s so hot, (too hot to even play with the new slip and slide.) we’re stuck indoors, and my darling daughter is BORED!!! “I’ve played Barbies all week!” She proclaimed. Of course anything crafty from Christmas is already completed, and having already taken her the movies and the games arcade this week, I needed to find something entertaining (and preferably cheap) to do.

Luckily my sister did receive a “big gift” this year, which means one thing to a five year old… Big boxes!

Two and a half hours later…




Not $1 was spent, everything recycled and I’m pretty sure this is day that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. For more school holiday ideas follow me on Pinterest.

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Stocking Stuffers at Seed Heritage

My top 3 must haves for Isabella’s stocking this year!

1. Ice cream popper – did you have one of these as a kid? I loved mine


Ice Cream Popper $7.95

2. Petit Puzzle – Perfect for a quick activity on a quiet afternoon, plus being so small it could be taken anywhere.


Petit Puzzle $9.95

3. Spaghetti Soap – no idea what this is, but sounds fun!!


Spaghetti Soap $9.95

All these items are available now at Seed Heritage. Get in quick these cute picks will sell fast!

LaLaLoopsy Birthday Party


Back in 2013, when Isabella was turning 4, we were pretty Lalaloopsy obsessed! The bright colours and ‘faux sew’ theme make the ¬†perfect base for building party decorations and themed games. so here’s the break down:




What’s a party with out games?! We started with a Photo Booth, we had a giant box of props, wigs, tutu’s, ties, basically anything I could find at the cheap store that resembled the outfits I¬†had seen on the dolls! This was a great first activity as it got the kids excited and playing together (we had a few different groups of friends invited).

8626416125_b6c92f6d73_kNext was the crowd favorite Pass the Parcel.¬†You’ll see that ribbon quite a bit on this post, I bought 100 yards and I still have about 90 yards in the¬†cupboard! Those large buttons were a great touch too I picked up a bag of assorted colours and sizes at Spotlight. After Pass the Parcel we played Musical Buttons,¬†essentially this is just musical chairs, but I didn’t have 10 small chairs so I cut 10 circles out of coloured card and drew four dots on each to create the “buttons” and threw them all over the floor.

Another favorite was Pin the Hat on the Lalaloopsy, again obviously an adaptation of pin the tail on the donkey. I found the largest image possible of a doll and had it printed as a poster. (Google is great for finding large images.) The hats I obvious made myself, these were probably my least favorite accessory, if I were to do this again I would have them printed. In the down time we also had a craft table set up, where the kids could build there own Lalaloopsy Faces with pre-cut foam pieces they just had to glue together. 8626410313_791e73bb1c_k


The party started at 2pm, meaning I served afternoon tea. There was a gorgeous pastel coloured dessert bar, but unfortunately it was half demolished before the photographer had a chance to take a quick snap.


Sweet Shoppe play set topping a tower of popcorn and fairy floss


Isabella was so excited to have an ice cream cake! We walk past them at the supermarket every day and she had been begging me for months to have one. Wendy’s is great, they had lots of design options and Isabella picked all the flavours herself. I added the ribbon, candles and Lalaloopsy’s on myself.8626401743_7e1e2994f4_k


Isabella enjoying bubbles from the pass the parcel